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Physical Traits:

  • Has a heartbeat, but it's slower than a human's would be.
  • Cool to the touch, but nowhere near ice cold, so not a dead giveaway. If he's fed recently, he warms to human temperature.
  • Has a reflection
  • Sexually functioning, thank you very much.
  • Perfectly normal fingernails (wtf, talons?) (except he could just partially shift to animal form and thus have crow talons or wolf claws if he wanted. But he doesn't normally find this appealing)
  • Body does not age
  • Cannot levitate (in the original series. In the new books, he apparently can. I find this an absurd change (like other changes I will not mention) and have not implemented it.)
  • Cannot turn into mist (well, Damon can't. Katherine could, so in theory he could become powerful enough to do it someday?)
  • Just has retractable fangs--no glowy eyes, foreheady thing.
  • Eyes do tend to go a bit blacker than normal when hungry or...otherwise worked up.
  • Does not sparkle. (Damon insists on this being added)


  • Enhanced strength, speed, agility and senses.
  • Can control the minds of most humans, putting them in trances, or at the very least wielding very strong power of suggestion. Strong willed humans or those with magical defenses can shake these off, though--it's not an absolute power. (i.e. pls let me know if you want your pup susceptible or not)
  • Can read surface thoughts, or at least grasp the tone of what someone is thinking, if not the exact words.
  • Can control the weather, and prefers it cloudy and stormy, personally.
  • Can shapeshift. His personal preferences are a crow and a wolf.
  • Can control animals.


  • Sunlight--though he can go out in it so long as he is wearing lapis lazuli somewhere on his person. It protects him from the sun. He's still not fond--thus the clouds.
  • Stake to the heart.
  • Beheading.
  • Fire.
  • Stronger of his kind--truly evil--cannot cross running water, but Damon is able to do so.
  • Cannot enter a place where a human dwells without an invitation (but any human will do to issue the invitation--it doesn't have to be the person who owns the property or even who lives there)
  • Crosses and other religious symbols can protect the wearer from mental suggestion if they believe in their power, but they WILL NOT hurt him and won't drive him off or anything. He can handle them, enter churches, etc, without any problem.

    Random Notes:

  • Garlic does NOTHING--in fact, Stefan likes to cook with it, even--the boys are Italian, after all.
  • Can eat and drink things that aren't blood. So long as he's got a sufficient diet of blood, his body functions and processes them normally. He's very fond of whiskey, beer and hamburgers.
  • Doesn't sleep in a coffin--finds the whole thing silly.
  • DOES sleep, however, in a bed, and when he feels like it. Doesn't need as much as a human, maybe, but enjoys sleeping, and does often dream when he does so. There's no passing out at sunrise or any of that, though--he can be up or sleeping whenever he chooses, and adapts his schedule to his lifestyle at the time.
  • The more human blood he's had, the stronger he is. Vampire blood leads to even greater strength, but taking it from other vamps unwillingly is a good way to get hunted down and dead.
  • Animals he's not controlling might act strangely around him--they sense the bigger predator in the house.

    Effects of being bitten:

    Blood taken willingly is an exceptionally pleasant experience ranging from nurturing and bonding like a mother might feel feeding a child, to erotic and sexual depending on the link and the need and the bond between the vampire and the human. Blood taken unwillingly hurts like hell. Damon prefers to seduce it out of people, but he'll take it by force if he's hungry enough. A vampire can, in turn, share blood with a human, extending the erotic nature of the sharing, which is also a highly sexual experience. In fact, in the book, this mutual blood sharing often takes the place of sex, since it's a YA book, but it's that powerful and erotic to be nearly orgasmic in and of itself. Enough blood shared will turn the human into a vampire, but that has to be quite a bit, and little bits can be shared without any permanent changes in the human. (see below)

    Once a vampire drinks from a human, however, it does give the vampire stronger mental control over them, and Damon's not above using that for his own amusement. Being bitten can also lead to heightened psychic experiences and dreams and a feeling of loss for the human, as they long for the vampire--not so much to the extent of being in Dracula's thrall, so to speak, but along those lines--and to that extent if the vampire in question is powerful enough and wants to play that game. Damon rarely wants to play it, though--he's more likely to just want to make someone have sexy dreams about him while he's not there, or come when he calls for sexytimes or something. He likes to threaten to take someone's will--but he never actually does it.

    Being Turned:

    Being turned in Damon's world is a process. Humans and vampires can trade blood off and on without any change to the human except the bond, and some heightened senses. However, once the human takes enough blood, even if the human is never drained to near death, but just, for instance, plays around for long enough, the human will start to experience changes: heightened senses, aversion to sunlight (though it won't kill them), a craving for blood, developing fangs, even. The human can go so far as to become a pseudo-vampire at this point, biting others, but the changes are not permanent. If the human stops drinking the vampire's blood, it will eventually run it's course out of them and they will revert to human.

    To be permanently turned, a human has to die with enough vampire blood already in them to effect the change. Then, after they wake up as a vampire, they have to feed on human blood to cement it. If they refuse to feed, they'll die permanently. Note: they don't have to KILL anyone to change--when Elena first changed, Matt volunteered his blood, and she fed on him without taking enough to hurt him, and she made the transition safely. Also note, though, that while animal blood will sustain a fully changed vampire (if not keep them as strong as those who feed on human blood) it WILL NOT suffice to complete the transformation.

    This is mostly for noting anyone who'd like to play, if Damon offers blood during sex--he's probably not trying to turn you and it won't turn your muse to play along. It'll just heighten the sex. If you want them turned, it's a whole process, not something that'll happen by accident, unless they die after a marathon sex session. ;-)

    Any questions/comments, etc, please feel free to ask!
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