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Name:Damon Salvatore
Birthdate:Jan 31
Location:Fells Church, Virginia, United States of America
The name is Damon Salvatore. I'm originally from Florence, and am currently studying as an exchange student here in the United States.

I use the word "studying" loosely, mind you, but it gives me something to do with my time.

È un piacere incontrarvi.

NOTE: This Damon is book canon, usually, at least in what I post, unless otherwise noted. However, I'm a huge fan of the TV series now and am willing to play him TV!Canon--but let me know if that's what you want, as it requires a headspace shift for me after 20 years of writing book!Damon. ;-)

FPK/OOC Backstory:

Born in the late 15th Century in Florence, Italy, Damon Salvatore was the eldest son of Guiseppe, Conte di Salvetore. Unimpressed with the virtuous, staid life his father wanted him to live, Damon preferred to spend his time on wine, women and gaming, ignoring his studies even at University in pursuit of far more frivolous pleasures. He had little ambition, little he chose to strive for save his own gratification...until he came home one break and met Katherine. He fell in love. But his younger brother Stefan was already in love with Katherine and had been wooing her for some time, and Katherine could not choose between them. They finally demanded she do so, and that night, Katherine came to Damon's room to offer him the greatest gift she had to give--immortality. Thinking she had chosen him to be her mate, Damon was outraged to find that Katherine had likewise gone to his brother and offered him the same gift, turning him into a vampire as well. She pleaded with them, telling them she loved them both too much to choose, and this way the three of them could be together, forever, in harmony, but the brothers refused. Damon couldn't stand the idea of an eternity spent with his sanctimonious, holier-than-thou brother and Stefan refused to spend it with Damon. Katherine ran off in tears, and the brothers parted in fury.

The next day, though, when they hadn't heard from Katherine, they went in search of her together--and found her dress outside, filled with ashes where she had seemingly faced the sunlight without protection, killing herself. A note lay beside her remains, telling them she could not bear to be the cause of their hatred, and begging them to love each other and take her gift and put aside their hatred for her sake. Instead, mad with grief, Damon drew his sword and ran it through his brother's heart. With his dying breath, Stefan returned the favor.

Both of them had just enough of Katherine's vampiric blood to not truly die, but to cement their change into immortals, and they woke in their tombs beside each other. Stefan called out to Damon, but mad with grief, confused by death and terror, Damon ran out into the night. He made his way with bands of mercenaries, fighting across Europe, feeding on his enemies, killing, growing stronger and stronger in Power. He embraced what he was, and the power that came with it, and he never looked back.


Physical Appearance: Damon is a little taller than average, pale, with black hair--straight and shiny like an animal's pelt or crow's feathers and black eyes with strange lights in them. He is accounted to be stunningly gorgeous with cheekbones that are a sculptor's dream.

Physical traits, powers, weaknesses, effects of being bitten, being turned, etc.--Vampire Diaries vampires in a nutshell.

Moral Stance on feeding:

Damon detests feeding on animal blood and will only do it when starving and there aren't humans around. He's killed before, without remorse, and still feels no remorse for doing so. However, his time with Elena, loving her and losing her, somewhat softened him, so while he's very likely to try and seduce, coerce, force or outright steal blood out of any pretty girl or pretty boys he can--he's not likely to drain them dry or do any permanent damage. Unless he's in a mood.

To be fair--when he is in a killing mood, he does tend to go for more unsavory types than innocents, now.

Canon Point from which Damon is being played/Enters hearts_andminds: From the end of Dark Reunion.

Sexuality/Relationship Notes: Given Damon's disregard for much of anything but pleasure and power, plus his age, while the books may only really explicitly put him straight (though I argue there is plenty of room to disagree there, canonically, even), I play him very open and not really concerned with gender. So, het, slash, threesomes--he's pretty usually good to go. He's ALWAYS open to meeting new people, as am I, and seeing what develops, but my main 'ships for him (i.e. sure to make me squee and him to already have emotion) are:
(book verse): Damon/Elena, Damon/Stefan (yes, I know they're brothers; no, I'm not going to try and force it on any unwilling Stefan players, so if you're not comfortable but would like to play, don't worry! :-D), Damon/Elena/Stefan (because why should a girl have to choose?), Damon/Matt, Damon/Bonnie,
(TV verse): Damon/Alaric, Damon/Rebekah, Damon/Elena, Damon/Stefan (see above). Others that work really well: Damon/Kat, Damon/Elijah, Damon/Klaus, Damon/Andie.
(xover potential--things I think would be interesting?): Book!Damon with TV!Ric, TV!Kat, Rebekah, Elijah, OMG TV!Klaus, TV!Stefan, TV!Elena.

Disclaimer: Damon Salvatore is the sole property of L.J. Smith from her Vampire Diaries series. I'm just playing with him here for fun, fanfic and RP and no infringement of copyright is intended. Damon's PB is Ian Somerhalder, and I'm not him, nor is he associated with this journal. Mun behind Damon can be found at ladyofbrileith. Muse and mun are both well over 18.

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