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1. Having met Selene.
2. Stefan disappeared long enough for Elena to get lonely.
3. Bonnie asked to remember that night. I suppose I came off looking well enough.
4. Darling Giselle.
5. The pretty little wizard didn't have his wand with him.
6. Hotel lockdowns.
7. Stefan loosening the stick up his ass a bit.
8. Discovering an interest in genetics.
9. Carnivals.
10. The prospect of a very interesting new year...
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Damon was having a particularly interesting weekend. The being locked in had ended up being far more fortuitous than he could have imagined. Elena's giving in without any threats or coercion, his new little playmate, sleeping all curled up in his bed for the moment tired from exertion and loss of blood. The fact that Stefan had left was something he was ignoring after his one message to the girls and the one conversation with Selene. However he felt about it, he wasn't going to dwell. He was losing himself in blood and sensation instead, which seemed far better than the leash he'd been keeping himself on before.

He paused outside of Elena's door, fingers sliding around the doorknob, ready to push it open, before his gaze flicked across the hall. He was feeling invincible, and that led to one thought. She wasn't a child anymore. She'd grown a great deal over the past year. Matt wasn't here to get in the way. And he'd been wondering what she tasted like since she'd offered that lovely white throat.

Smirking, he changed direction, moving to Bonnie's door, listening for a few moments to the sounds that told him she was inside, then knocked softly.


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